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Alexander Star is an Emmy-nominated recording artist whose 'impact work' is seen and heard in Super Bowl campaigns, international primetime TV, cruise line commercials, government broadcasts, and a powerful catalogue of musical partnerships.


His work in the field of world change has brought his performances to 10+ countries, inside the United Nations five times, and earned him the title IMPACT ARTIST amongst his peers.

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"Pass the Good Vibes Around"


A. Star's song "Pass The Good Vibes Around" became the anthem for Les Anges 9 (France's #1 rated reality TV series) after Star appeared as a vocal producer and songwriter on several episodes. The song was later featured in an MSC Cruises music video campaign to help restore tourism to Eastern Caribbean islands after they suffered devastating hurricane damage.

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"This Is My Era"


Six years after Star released his anthem "This Is My Era", the song was adapted into a Super Bowl LIV campaign featuring NFL stars Larry Fitzgerald, Jarvis Landry, and Mark Sanchez rapping alongside Star to promote coral reef awareness and encourage eco-friendly habits worldwide.

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"Show Me The Way"


Alexander Star found impact in East Africa with his song "Show Me The Way," a cultural collaboration with Rwandan superstar Andy Bumuntu, promoting peace & humanity to help heal hearts in a post-genocide nation.

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MMUN Collaborations


As a lyrical mentor, Alexander Star has spent significant time leading therapeutic songwriting & recording sessions with teens in foster care  who have incredible stories to tell but need help expressing their feelings. He also teamed up with Montessori Model United Nations to guide kids from around the world through writing songs in aligment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, then performing those songs on stage for thousands of their peers at the annual MMUN Conferences in NYC, Chicago, and Rome.

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