Alexander Star is an Emmy-nominated singer, rap artist, international performer, and social changemaker based in South Florida, USA.

With a positive vibe akin to that of Bob Marley's, Alexander sports conscious Hip-Hop lyrics with a Reggae-Pop voice and R&B flair:


“A couple years back a fan said I'm 'The male version of Lauryn Hill with unforgettable hooks' and I'll value the honor of that comparison for life.


So when people ask me what my 'genre' is, I just say 'Good Vibes' since I sing & rap with the positive vibrations felt in Reggae music. - A. Star

In essence, Alexander Star pumps out dope music 'minus the ignorant messaging' so common in popular genres today.


Alexander Star co-founded #ThisIsMyEra, a brand and a movement empowering people to make a positive impact on the world by taking action with their talents.


Star's #ThisIsMyEra keynote concerts have impacted 50+ venues in the US, the UK, Canada, France, Morocco, Rwanda, Trinidad, and Japan, and Star has given keynote performances inside the United Nations Headquarters in NYC as well as the UN FAO Building in Rome, Italy.

Montessori Model United Nations recently named a teaching scholarship in Star's honor for his songwriting work with young leaders.

And through The Motivational Edge, a Miami nonprofit, Alexander Star has personally impacted the lives of hundreds of teens by leading therapeutic songwriting & recording workshops in foster homes & drop-in facilities.

“Expressing love through lyrics & melody helps me feel good about life cuz the people who relate can find me, and then, we feel good together.” - A. Star

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