Alexander Star is an Emmy-nominated singer, rap artist, international performer, and social changemaker based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Star recently collaborated with the MSC Foundation & the Super Bowl Host Committee to remix his song "This Is My Era" for an ongoing campaign promoting coral reef health.

Also featured in the campaign are NFL players Jarvis 'Juice' Landry, Larry Fitzgerald, and Mark Sanchez.


"In a world where most artists write lyrics telling you how great they are...I like to write lyrics telling you how great you are. 

This makes me an impact artist." - A. Star


Alexander Star co-founded #ThisIsMyEra, a brand and a movement empowering people to make a positive impact on the world by taking action with their talents.


As an independent artist, Star has so far taken his keynote concerts to 10+ countries on four continents and has given multiple keynote performances inside the United Nations Headquarters in NYC as well as the UN FAO Building in Rome, Italy.

In 2019, Montessori Model United Nations has even named a teaching scholarship in Star's honor for his songwriting work with future world leaders.

And through The Motivational Edge, a Miami nonprofit, Alexander Star has personally impacted the lives of hundreds of teens by leading therapeutic songwriting & recording workshops to help them express their stories through song.

“Music is an undeniably powerful tool for spreading love. It feels good to feel good together, and when you play + share my music, you help me scale my impact. I'm grateful for every single supporter I get.”

- A. Star

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