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Alexander Star is an Emmy-nominated indie artist, songwriter, vocal producer, and social impact activist living in South Florida, USA.​


Star has musically toured 10+ countries and is one of the few musicians invited to perform inside the United Nations Headquarters multiple times.


The key ingredient to his recipe for success is IMPACT.


Star's song "Pass The Good Vibes Around" was the cast-unifying anthem for France's #1 rated TV series.


It was later synced in a music video campaign with MSC Cruises to help alleviate post-hurricane damage in the Eastern Caribbean by restoring tourism to the islands.

In 2020, Alexander Star's song "This Is My Era" was re-branded into a Super Bowl LIV campaign featuring NFL stars rapping Star's lyrics alongside him to promote

eco-friendly habits and coral reef awareness.


Alexander Star is known in Rwanda for his anthem "Show Me The Way," a collaboration with Rwandan superstar Andy Bumuntu promoting peace & humanity to help hearts heal in a post-genocide nation. Star performed in the capital city of Kigali at the Ubumuntu Arts Festival two years in a row (2018 & 2019).


​“I just wanna spread love to folks who need good energy in their life. Music can be powerful medicine, so I write my own prescriptions that cause real positive side effects.”- A. Star​


Alexander Star's artistic impact has now evolved into his latest studio album, Five Star General.


Co-produced by Grammy-winning multi-platinum production team QST Music Group, Star calls it his best work to date...but you should definitely dive into the Alexander Star experience for yourself.

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